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PGYTECH DJI Mobile Adapter for GoPro

Yes I know… You can easily make a GoPro adapter for the DJI Mobile…

I’ve tried using an old iPhone case with some rubber bands… And a Styrofoam with AA batteries on the other side as counter weights 🙂

But I wanted something that will look better.

Found this from Lazada



It’s not perfect, but it already looks way better compared to my iPhone case + rubber bands and styrofoam + AA batteries!








Google Internet Speed Test

Looks like we can now uninstall our app

Just type “speed test” on your Google Search Bar, scroll the results a little bit and tap “Run Speed Test.”

Google Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Google Search Speed Test

Test was completed on my Zenfone 3

Update: I was at Johor Bahru over the weekend and Speed Test was not available…

Meike MK320 Flash for Micro Four Thirds

Yes, my camera needs a flash…

But since I’m now using an Olympus OM-D E-M10 (my daughter presently use a Olympus E-PL2), I needed something small…

After doing my research, I found the MK320 and bought one from Lazada at SGD 86.91.

Inside the box.

It came with a soft case, a stand, diffuser and a manual.

I have to admit that the box is well built… Plus points for me since it’s my first time to encounter the brand.


It has an LCD Display (with back light) and the usual buttons

And a charging port. You can plug a MicroUSB to charge your NiMH (as per manual) batteries…

This feature is a big plus for me since I will no longer need to carry a charger for my AA batteries when travelling.


TTL, Slave mode and Manual.

It also has a “flash light” mode which is useful for your videos.

The Looks.

Size matters and I think this one is just fine.

I was surprised on how the MK320 took care of my lighting needs…

Battery life was a bit disappointing, but maybe I can blame my batteries for that.

Power was sufficient and it was ready to fire again whenever I needed it.

Highly recommended for those looking for an inexpensive flash.




Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C with USB Power Delivery

Just purchased an Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C with USB Power Delivery from Lazada

I actually purchased it weeks ago, but this is the first time I’m using it…




As you can see, my desk is a bit cluttered today.

You can actually see my Multi Plug Extension in the background…

Don’t get me wrong, I love using my Multi Plug Extension while travelling.

However, as new devices can accept higher voltage/ampere… A faster charger would be handy…

This is where my PowerPort+ 5 comes in… USB-C for my Nexus 6P and Zenfone 3 (and future devices)… Yes, my GoPro Hero 5 also uses a USB-C, but I have a few USB-A to C which should make the other USB Ports useful.

According to Anker (I’ve also sent them emails on this product), it also has enough power to charge a Macbook (including the Pro) and the iPad Air…

I’m not testing it with Ampere this time, but noticeably. It really charges my devices faster…

Zenfone 3 in less than half a day from less than 10% battery and less than 4 hours to fully charge my Power Bank (I needed 2 days to charge this using any of the chargers I have).

Physically, this thing looks and feels good… Even the packaging looks great!

It’s small, but it has a noticeable weight.

It’s tough to recommend this charger to anyone… Most people I know are just happy to use the free charger that came with their devices.

But once you’ve experienced using the PowerPort+ 5 USB-C… You will never find a reason to use your old chargers again.

I can even confidently say, if you use a a Power Bank that’s more than 10,000mAh, you need to have this charger!

Qoo10 Finds! Asus Zenfone 3 Case and Screen Protector

Finally found a case and a screen protector for my Asus Zenfone 3!


Coming from various Apple and Samsung devices… You’ll notice that finding a case and screen protector for other phone manufacturers isn’t easy…

Even the ever reliable i.Comm Mobile Plus (HarbourFront Centre) only had a tempered glass which means around 2mm per side of the screen is not protected thanks to the Zenfone 3’s curved screen (Asus calls it 2.5D Contoured Glass!)

Case is crystal clear which was thick enough to protect the rear camera hump… I chose the clear screen protector over the matte since it just looks better…

As usual, delivery was quick and items had enough protection to survive the trip.




Highly recommended!

Review: Allwin 0.2m Braided USB 3.1 to USB Type-C USB Data Sync Charging Cable For Phone

Bought a short USB 3.1 to Type-C cable as a back up to the standard USB Type-C to Standard-A cable that came with my Nexus 6P.

Personally, I find shorter cables more convenient when charging devices with a powerbank…

Why I wanted a “USB 3.1” to USB Type-C Connector (yes, the one with a blue insert)… Fast charging…


Found this cable at Lazada… As usual, delivery was fast.

Product description states the the cable is .2 meters… But it’s actually an inch longer…

Cable feels strong… Especially since it has a nylon braid… Blue insert is blue which should mean that its USB 3…


Sadly, after connecting it to my Nexus 6P, it DOES NOT charge it “rapidly”


As you can see, max power my device is getting is 4.399 volts, but only 480mA max! (I’ve seen it go 600mA but that was for a very limited time only.

Other than my issue with charging… For it’s price, I can recommend it to others… But if you can find an alternate cable that supports quick charge… I suggest you go that way.

New Android devices that use USB Type-C support quick/fast/rapid charging and it will always be convenient if your cable supports it too.

Qoo10 Finds! (Deployment Buckle)


I must admit, ever since I owned by Bulova watch, I’ve had this personal goal of saving leather strapped watches by changing the buckle to a Deployment Clasp!

And since my daughter now owns a Daniel Wellington watch, I purchased a new buckle from Qoo10 and changed it!

Deployment Buckle on Daniel Wellington

I’m hoping it can make my daughter’s leather strap last longer…





Deployment Buckle