Ampere (Android App)

I have written a few things about apps… There’s BBM, Sphere and Google’s Camera.

Honestly, I’ve stopped using BBM and Sphere, and I only use Google Camera when I need to take photo spheres.

Then I’ve read about Ampere!

Believe me, everyone should install this app… Only issue is that it requires Lollipop!

For the past year, I’ve needed almost half a day to charge my Nexus 7 and Note 2.

My Note II even discharges when connected to a 1000mAh car charger while using Waze and Hotspot at the same time!

Just this week I found out that the problem is NOT my device nor is it my charger.

All I needed to do was replace my USB Cable!

Ampere measures the power of your charger.

Since my Note 2 and tablets requires around 1,000mAh to charge, charging on an iPhone (or older) charger will take forever.

With the help of Ampere, I learned that charging on the USB cable I was using varies… The figures changed everytime I moved my device, but best output I got was 700mAh.

Now with my new cable, I’m getting a minimum of 980mAh and I only need 3 hours to fully charge my phone (using my external charger)!


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