The Replacements… Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P

Hmmm. This one is a bit too early and late at the same time…

Received a Nexus 6P from my wife as a present…

It replaces my Galaxy S6 Edge

Always thought I’d be using a Note again…

I really love Google’s Nexus devices… Only issue I have against it is that it’s never offered under contract.

And that it arrives Singapore late!

By the time the latest Nexus phone is available here… Rumors about the next Nexus phone is already out…

So this time, my phone replacement is way too early, if I follow the right cycle, I should be waiting for the S8.

And late since a new Nexus phone should be coming out soon…

But again, I love the 6P…

Feels good to hold, premium look and it must have the best camera on a Nexus device… to date.

Yes, I loose my wireless charging, the S6’s camera is faster and the S6 uses a more common micro USB…

But the Nexus 6P holds its own against the S6… Believe me, adjustment will only take a day or two, thanks to its size…

I’ve created a new Flickr Album for all the photos taken by my 6P



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