Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 (Keyboard and Mouse)

A year later, I received another keyboard for Christmas

No complains… Since I will be using the Desktop 900 for work.


This is a keyboard and mouse wireless combo

Sadly, it will need a small USB dongle since it doesn’t use BT.


Keyboard will require 2 AAA batteries.
Mouse will need 2 AA batteries.


Both are included in the package.

According to Microsoft, batteries will last for 2 years.

I’ve been using this for more than a week and so far… Batteries are still ok…

It would be nice if Microsoft can show the battery life status from Window’s task bar… It’s are their hardware anyway…

Edges of the keys feel a bit sharp… Would be nice if they rounded it off a bit.

Space between the scroll keys and number pad is actually narrower than usual. There are times when I’m pressing the End key instead of Delete and the Insert key instead of Backspace.

Keyboard does not have an on/off switch. Although the mouse has one.


You will also notice that the keyboard does not have LEDs to indicate CAPS, SCROLL and NUMBER lock.

Calculator, play/pause and volume keys are nice to have… Very convenient for those Skype calls…

I’ve tried a couple of keyboards on shop display and Microsoft’s Desktop 900 is the closest thing I found that has a “laptop keyboard feel.” I would prefer something that feels like Apple’s Macbook/Pro keyboard, but I think it’s too early for third party manufacturers to copy Apple’s “butterfly mechanism.”

The Desktop 900 is also quiet and the mouse doesn’t have an odd shape/size.

Highly recommended for office use… Especially if you need a number pad.


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