HubStation HD DC182SHB

My latest gadget for 2012? Something for the living room…

Me and my wife have decided to upgrade our set-top box to Starhub’s HubStation HD.

Although we presently only have HBO HD, we decided to get this specific set-top box because it can record our favourite shows which are normally aired at around 11pm on a weekday which are too late for my daughter who goes to school.

The DC182SHB is very easy to use but it’s a bit annoying that the remote acts strange when resolution is set at 720-1080.

Not only does the remote act strange, the menu, information and guides also do not work!

Best solution I’ve found for this is to just set the box at standard resolution (576p) then just raise it when watching HD content.

Chaging the resolution is easy… just press the “#” button on the remote, the display of the box (the one that shows the time) will change from 576 to 720 to 1080.

Starhub will also not give a free HDMI cable so better have one ready when you plan to upgrade your box.

So far the experience in using the HubStation is great, I just HOPE Starhub gives us the option to plug an external hard disk to expand the memory (it already has a USB port at the back), having more memory can help during long vacations… And an option to watch recorded content on our PC, iOS and Android devices will also be great!


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