POSH W9 Wi-Fi Action Camera

posh w9

Short intro…

My family decided that we need an action camera…

All our cameras can take videos but our Lumix FT-3 is getting older and our Olympus OM-D E-M10 is a bit too heavy for a Selfie stick…

My wife wanted to get a GoPro, but my issue with it is that I wanted the Hero 4, she wanted the Hero 4 Silver (thanks to its LCD).

Then we realized, maybe we don’t really need an Action Camera… So we decided to go cheap and find our if we really need one…

It was initially between the GoPro HERO (entry level), SJ Cam’s SJ4000 and POSH W9.

All 3 are less than SGD$ 200.00

SJ4000 vs POSH W9…

POSH had a local distributor and their cameras were available from Challenger.


Here’s a chart that helped me decide.

Action Cam
(Sorry… HERO = White)

POSH W9 Review

posh w9 main

posh w9 main 2

The POSH W9 (just like the SJ4000) was designed to look and feel like a GoPro…

Package comes with a couple of accessories BUT it does not include a charger.

Posh w9 box

posh w9 box 2

posh w9 box 3

posh w9 accessories

Ok… Since this post is long overdue…

Here are some important things you should know…

It takes really bad photos!

Posh W9 Sample Photo

You only have 2 choices for videos… 1080 (30fps) and 720 (60fps)

It only captures in wide screen… No 4:3 ratio.

Max memory card it can handle is 32GB.

You’ll need iSmart DV (Google Play/iTunes) to control the camera using your phone… Last time I tried, the App did not work on my Nexus 7.

Fastest way to contact the supplier is through Facebook

Can I recommend the POSH W9???

If you’re not sure if you need an Action Camera, you may want to start cheap, you may want to consider it.

Although I strongly suggest that you save up a little bit for GoPro’s cameras…

Video quality is ok, but photo quality is really the deal breaker… Yes, its not the main reason why you’re buying an action camera, but it’s really a big bonus if your action camera can take decent photos.



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