Akira 32LED50 Review

Why am I writing a review for a S$200.00 TV?

Because most of us are looking for an inexpensive TV and there are very few options available.

In reality, looking for an inexpensive TV at Best and Challenger is almost impossible… Their stores will always greet you with the latest 4K TVs!

If you try the “used” market (Craigslist and Carousell), most TV’s you’ll see are either Plasma or LCD… They will also have no boxes which means transporting them will mean extra cost and hassle…

After a quick trip to Giant VivoCity, I decided to buy an Akira LED TV for our bedroom…

Why Akira? Easy answer, price… It’s sold for less than S$200.00 (Giant was selling at S$199.00 to be exact) and it came with a 3 year warranty. (Skyworth was also selling a TV for the same price but the Akira seemed to look better).

Akira 32LED50
(It’s the one in the middle)


– it’s small, (around) 72cm wide and 50cm tall (with stand attached)
– light weight, no need for a reinforced TV rack


– short power chord (around 145cm)
– only 1 HDMI slot

Akira’s 32LED50 has a 32inch screen with 1366X768 resolution.

Like most TV’s, this is all shiny black plastic…

Strangest part with this TV is its stand!

You need to turn the TV upside down just to crew both legs!

Another strange part… There’s a physical power switch!


It does not have a DVB-T2 tuner which means I won’t get TV signals without a Digital Box in the very near future… Not a big issue for me since its mostly connected to my Chromecast.

Since I mentioned the Chromecast, Akira should reconsider the location of its HDMI port.

The location is too tight even for a regular HDMI Cable!

The 32LED50 can also play your video files stored in your hard disk and can be connected to your PC.

Akira 32LED50 Review

At less than S$200.00, it’s hard to choose a used LCD/Plasma TV over this one offered by Akira.

Yes, your phone has a better resolution than this TV, sound is not as good as you’d hope and it doesn’t have any of the fancy tech (Curve Display and HDR etc) of the bigger brands from Japan and Korea…

However, I’m sure you’re not purchasing this as your primary home TV… And even if you are, how can you complain for something that less than S$200.00?



5 responses to “Akira 32LED50 Review”

  1. Saminath G says :

    Good and detailed review, Thanks!

  2. Ms Hani Aris says :

    Any idea hw 2 unlock keylock without a remote..?? Hv tried using the method of holding the buttons 4 5sec bt it doesnt wrk.. pls help.. ty

  3. Steven Yong says :

    I bought a Akira 32Led50 on July 2016 from Giant. This morning suddenly there was a blackout but the sound is still good What action should I take. Wait for a early reply

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