In The Wild: Camcorder

There was a time when you needed a separate device to capture life’s moments in video…

That device was called a camcorder.

So yes, you can still buy a camcorder, but have you actually seen anyone use it in 2017?


Yup… That guy finished the 2017 Singapore Marathon (from the color of his bib, he ran the full marathon) and someone was there to capture the moment in a camcorder!


Hey Google!

My Zenfone 3 received an update this morning…

I wasn’t expecting too much… Until I saw that I can now use Hey Google (instead of OK Google) to call Assistant!

Hey Google

Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Just purchased Xiaomi’s Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones…

I find it strange that this is only my 2nd Xiaomi purchase. The first one was a Mi Band 2.



I am not an expert on audio quality, I’ll have to leave that to experts…

As expected from Xiaomi, the item’s packaging looks familiar. It does not have the firm/compact feel of Apple, but it looks good.


Inside the box, there’s a very sort charging cable, different sized ear tips and a manual.

It would be nice if Xiaomi updates the charging port to a Type-C cable, but since most of the powerbanks in the market still use a Micro USB, it’s not that big of a hassle.

I was not able to test it with an Android device, but I was surprised to see it’s battery level when connected to an iPhone.



  • Comfortable fit
  • Can sync 2 devices at the same time
  • White subtle LED (turns red when shutting down)
  • *it will dictate the phone number of the incoming caller


  • Volume controls are the top of the earbuds (can be difficult to reach)
  • No next/previous song button
  • *it dictates the number of the caller… Not the name, even if the contact is saved in your device.



It was love at first sight for my daughter so I had to get her Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless while she uses the Mi Sports…

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2


Battery life is so far so good…

My wife told me that sould quality is not as good as her Bose (she has the Apple Version)… But the Xiaomi costs less than half, and it’s wireless!

LG V30+… Coming to Singapore this December!


Teased in August 2017…

LG needed 4 months to release their flagship to Singapore…


Nothing against the phone… I like what I saw in reviews.

But the Note 8, Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X are officially in the market…

I can’t even say that the local release is “a little” too late… It’s late!

We should be looking forward to the S9 now.

PGYTECH DJI Mobile Adapter for GoPro

Yes I know… You can easily make a GoPro adapter for the DJI Mobile…

I’ve tried using an old iPhone case with some rubber bands… And a Styrofoam with AA batteries on the other side as counter weights 🙂

But I wanted something that will look better.

Found this from Lazada



It’s not perfect, but it already looks way better compared to my iPhone case + rubber bands and styrofoam + AA batteries!







Google Now Launcher – Screen Rotation!


Finally, Google’s Now Launcher – which is the launcher of all my Android devices finally supports screen rotation.

I’m honestly not sure if this feature has been around in the past…

My app was updated this morning and found this option inside settings.


In The Wild: LG G5… with a friend!

This guy sat infront of me in the MRT during my morning commute…


It took me 2 days to realize he was using an LG G5 with the Camera module…

I’m still contemplating if this is a wow moment… Or do I feel sorry for the guy…